32-Bit Processors

WEP LogoOur Network Generation (NG) is a XScale with an Intel / Marvell 270 processor equipped hardware. It contains a large touch-screen display (5.7 "b / w, 6.5" TFT or 12.1 "TFT), a 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface (or optional wireless 802.11b / g), 2 x USB , 3-11 COMs RS-232, 2 x AUG Schankbus. This POS functionality is guaranteed in the sense of touch Artikelbonierung on the dispensing equipment.

The operating system is Windows CE 5.0, with an image of our software company. As a Windows Embedded Partner, we have the skills to represent their own BSPs and SDKs in the house.

The applications themselves are a good 90% C # managed code (. NET Compact Framework 2.0). Except for the hard-real-time components and drivers that are directly implemented in C / C + +



Visual Studio 2008 mit NGx

8-Bit Microcontrollers

Our experience in 8-Bit Microcontroller development reaches back to the 1980's when our "mother" Wegger Elektronik started. We have done every imaginable thing with those devices and use them as external helpers for the 32-Bit world quite often.

If you have any need in controlling just ask us.


We do PCB development right here in our office.

Using P-CAD 2006 from Altium is quite satisfying. New and larger projects are done with Altium-Designer from 6.9 / Summer 08 / Summer 09 up to the latest release AD18.

You see a screenshot of our Windows CE mainboard MH070707 below.

Altuim Designer 6.9 Kleines Bild


To PC programs we develop primarily tools for configuration and programming of our dispensing systems. Our classic - MOSER - Borland Delphi is already created 1.0 times and now a full-blown 32-bit Windows application using Delphi 6.0 for Windows XP and Vista.

 For several years we have developed a new but not with Delphi but with Visual Studio 2005 and C #. Thus a seamless transition and optimal cooperation between embedded applications and PC applications possible -. In many areas with a common source code for all platforms 

Windows CE

We are Windows Embedded partner for Windows CE 5.0, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Compact 7.0 and have our own Windows CE powered solutions in the field.


FiSp Windows CE

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