Ing. Gerald Schloffer

commercial and industrial law CEO, head of technology and support, company spokesman

Curriculum Vitae

  • born 1967 in Graz
  • 1986completion of AHS (high school)
  • 1987 Studying engineering mathematics, not finish
  • 1990 BHS HTBLuVA "Bulme" final 2-year college education with honors, electronics
  • Since 1990, when Wegger electronics, technicians for technical managers, support managers and clerks, apprentice trainer
  • Since 2001, the attorney Wegger electronics
  • Since 2007 Managing Director of the AUG Electronics GmbH
  • Since 2007, the attorney Hogatron GmbH


  • at least 20 years of experience in assembly language programming
  • at least 20 years of experience in hardware development and project management, project management
  • at least 20 years of experience in embedded computing and microcontroller architectures
  • 1998 Specialist training for safety officer (SVP)
  • Completed in 1999 entrepreneurial examination with distinction, so was also the apprenticeship entitlement acquired
  • 2004-2006 apprentice trainer of Jürgen Uhl as electronics
  • 2008 (to 2010) apprentice trainer of Hannelore Penz for electronics engineer
  • 2008 (to 2012), apprentice trainer of Sascha Kassler as electronics
  • 2009 instructors completed training with trainer examination

Uwe Kriechbaum

left the company by September, 26th, 2017.

We thank Uwe Kriechbaum for 10 Years of partnership and wish good luck and all the best for the future!

Ing. Andreas Schloffer

Managing Director, Head of Development and Sales

Curriculum Vitae

  • born 1971 in Graz
  • 1991 BHS HTBLuVA "Bulme" final 5-year course with distinction, telecommunication and electronics
  • From 1992 to 1997 studying telematics, without degree
  • 1994 to 1999 independently with "PC TEAM Ing Schloffer & Pock OEG" in PC software development, hardware and software goods trade
  • 1999 to 2002 Technical Director of the WMF Hogatron AG in Bern, Switzerland, in catering, major customer of Wegger electronics
  • 2002 to 2006 Technical Director of Baldegger Sortec AG in Bern, Switzerland in catering (acquired in a restructuring of the WMF Hogatron AG)
  • Since 2006, technical director of Wegger electronics, developer of the "new generation" product line NGx
  • Since 2007 Managing Director of the AUG Electronics GmbH
  • 2008 initiator and project manager of the product line with AMI. NET Micro Framework


  • at least 5 years of experience in assembly language programming
  • at least 19 19 years of experience in computer software development for all versions of MS Windows ® using high-level languages ​​such as Object Pascal, Delphi, C, C #
  • at least 8 years of experience in new technologies such as. NET and embedded software development
  • several years of experience in driver development (CE 5, CE 6, Micro Framework Porting Kit)
  • Experience with large projects and multi-year trends
  • Since 2002 Microsoft Partner
  • Since 2002, Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner (XPe, CE)
  • Since 2007, Microsoft. NET Micro Framework competence
  • since 2010 member of the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework Core Tech Team

AUG Andreas Schloffer QRCode vCard

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Ing. Markus Holzer

A mainstay in our company!

Curriculum Vitae

  • born 1978 in Voitsberg
  • 1997 BHS HTBLuVA „Bulme“ 5-year education, electronics and computer science
    Since 1998, the hardware developer Wegger electronics
  • Since 2007, the hardware developer company AUG Electronics GmbH


  • At least 18 years experience in hardware design, analog and digital
  • At least 18 years experience in computer-aided design with PCAD, Altium Designer, Corel Draw, Sketch-Up and similar
  • At least 16 years of experience in new technologies such as SMD, multi-layer, production control
  • At least 16 years of practice with (SMD) placement machines and modern soldering
  • Implementation of testing and environmental compliance standards such as CE, RoHS compliance etc.
  • since 2010 apprentice trainers. § 29g BAG

Ing. Daniel Tippler

Young dynamic Technitian.

Curriculum Vitae

  • born 1986 in Graz
  • 2001..2006 HTBLuVA Graz-Gösting Technical High School
  • 2008 LAP Communications Engineer
  • 2009 worker at Elektrotechnik Jauk & Pinegger OEG
  • 2009 bis 2012 HTBLuVA Graz-Gösting Information Technology
  • 2012 HTBLuVA Graz-Gösting graduation with excellent success


  • LAP for communications technitians
  • internal training

Birgit Weber

Assistant to the management

Employees (in alphabetical order)

(alphabetical order)

Aurica Munteanu

Heimo Nossek

Zita Pousnar

Josefine Else Reinisch

Elfriede Schmid

Melanie Strutz

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