Drink Dispenser NGx

The dispensing computer NG x - a brand new high-end 32-bit system based on the characteristics of the last 20 years dispensing system development in our house - and the market.

The NG-x combines simple operation on the touch screen display (Headless also available) with the well-known and well-respected steadiness and stability in current technology!

That our devices meet all the requirements, the devices prove daily.

  • easy and structured handling
  • countless opportunities for flexible use
  • perfect portioning
  • reliable registration and billing
  • robust and resilient technology
  • Software Update via internet and / or USB stick
  • Two models, internal or external version in the bar head in housing
  • graphical table plan
  • Tally up the cash register directly on the tower (per touchscreen)

The NG-x stand-alone is fully capable as our fiscal FISP (please read here for full details).

The NG-x has the following interfaces: 3 COMs for various slave systems, 4 AUG Schankbus, 2 x USB, 1 x 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, Audio over 3 mm jack

Connection options on August Schankbus: max. 1024 illuminated buttons (9-er/12-er), 10 x BCD 256, max. 256 Outputs DC / AC, max. DFM-256 inputs, max. 20 x waiter lock (255 waiters and function pins)

What do you think? Tell us your opinion!

  NG-57-EBR NG-57-EBR von hinten

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