Applications along with office equipment is configured, programmed and partially evaluated statistically. Some of the tools are exclusively insteressant for technicians, also for other customers. The Windows applications represent in every case a much more pleasant user interface for the programming available than on the devices themselves would be possible.

Most tools are also useful for remote maintenance and troubleshooting.

Moser - the configuration utility of the "old" generation is well known and widespread. It can manage any number of dispensing units and has a client mode, in which the question dispensing systems can be consolidated and settled. Matching the devices to communicate is entirely in series and Moser can manage up to 70 COMs (converter for COM LAN, USB COM, USG, MiniGSS, etc.).

FISP Office - the configuration program of the fiscal memory is still in the beta phase. It supports fiscal memory and dispensing systems of the new generation on a USB stick and / or Ethernet.

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The FiSpOffice requires the following components from Microsoft - so please download it directly from Microsoft. Our setup CDs contain these two components - the updates but not because the update would account for only 10% of the package.

* .NET Compact Framework 2.0 (ca. 30 MB, hier klicken!)

* SQL Server Compact Edition (ca. 2 MB, hier klicken!)

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