Sniffing Box

The AUG Sniffinigbox is a technician tool that allows the analysis of serial data traffic of all kinds, and the simultaneous and time-accurate representation of the transfer from both sides over (2x) USB visible on PCs makes - even if the PC or laptop is not self-serial interfaces available.
The compounds can be either RS-232 with D-Sub and RJ-45 with the AUG RS-232 RJ-45 assignment, the box can be used as an adapter: a page Sub-D, the other side of RJ-45 .
In order for this box for learning logs, debugging, troubleshooting at the customer site, and for service is an essential companion for every good technician.
AUG Schnüffelbox
The Sub-D and RJ-45 connectors are used to "drive" in the communication to be examined.
The two USB interfaces on the PC for the observation of both sides and will be installed on the PC as a virtual COMs. The latest driver can be found here.
The two LEDs indicate the data traffic in each direction.
The cable and the box are passive, meaning that communication is affected by the box in any way, and will work even if there are no USB ports are connected. The LEDs only when the USB plug is connected, because the supply of the USB port is.

Principle may be the observation of the data traffic with any terminal program. As a free software addition we supply but with the COM viewer, the two sides differ in color, so the timing is apparent. Special characters (<0x20) are also separated by color for both sides and is readable.

Standard equipment for technicians!

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