With the soft-ISB Any number of devices can be summarized in one central "place" and be linked to a higher system. The soft-ISB is 100%. NET 2.0 managed code (C #) and therefore optimal in 32-bit and 64-bit environments use.

As terminals E protocol are dispensing systems, bar code scanners and CSI / CCI equipment (coffee machines) in any combination possible. They can be connected directly in series, made ​​with COM / LAN adapters or directly with wireless-enabled devices. Other interfaces such as MDB devices (machines) are in preparation. Other protocols are available on request at any time.

As an interface to higher systems E-protocol (ISB or internal e-protocol configurable) are Micros protocol (configurable) and implemented a file interface. Other interfaces are available on request at any time.

Why a soft-ISB? It's simple ...

  • Easy installation and configuration via the Windows interface
  • better visibility during operation
  • LOG detailed the activities of the dispensing equipment and checkout
  • Dispensing systems are maintained remotely despite existing POS connection (eg with Moser)
  • lower hardware costs (for PC-POS, the ISB software running in the background directly to the checkout)
  • POS systems do not need a complicated dispensing interface more
  • more speed - no polling
  • Licensing cost per terminal

And the system comes directly from the developer and manufacturer of dispensing computer - nobody knows dispensing equipment as well as we!

What do you think? Tell us your opinion!

The soft-ISB requires the following components from Microsoft - so please download it directly from Microsoft. Our setup CDs contain these two components.

* .NET Compact Framework 2.0 (approximately 30 MB)

* SQL Server Compact Edition (approximately2 MB)

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