Weighing Fridge NG-W

The weighing cabinet NG-W - a new product development as a substitute and complement to the existing dish cabinet for the interconnection with POS systems or the FISP.

The NG-W combines efficient cooling and easy, fast and controlled primarily operate. Each withdrawal will be registered immediately - even with the door open. Sun is related to several possible relation to each table close the door! 

  • reliable cooling
  • good use of space due to the high cupboard
  • flexible scale/price division 1/5, 2/5 and 1/2 shelves
  • precise control of the employee
  • no typing required at checkout
  • shorter paths for the waiter
  • Possibility of credit operation (eg with handheld terminals)

As a composite device can be connected to the NG-W as e-dispensing system to log each composite capable POS system or our FISP.

As a composite, the master NG-W (like every device NG) query other devices and together with our own data to a cash forward (integrated soft-ISB).

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