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Certification levels

We offer a very extensive support. So that we can contact the technician in a comprehensible way, we need information about their training and knowledge, which we divided into the following levels of certification.

Level Meaning, eligibility, benefits


Technicians who are not appearing on the AUG website we do not know and therefore can not  make qualified statements about them or if they have skills in our equipment and technology. Each end user should consider all of the testimonials of such people very critical and ask us. Never should such a technician be given access to the device.

No access to the website.

No AUG certificate.

Unqualified The technician is personally known by us. However, we can not make any statement to the knowledge and / or the technician has never taken part in a training session in August

Basic access to the site.

No AUG certificate.
QualiAuto Qualifies as an autodidact (self-study) or by in-house training. We know the technician and - although he has never attended a training session or just attended a long time ago in AUG - show its benefits (we noticed) that he has some depth know-how in our systems.

Access to the site.

No AUG certificate.
Qualified by competent and thorough training in August directly from AUG. The technician has a good education and can handle standard tasks with security and routine. The technician knows the August quality guidelines and contacts, He knows the correct approach to problem cases and is trained in analytical methods (Schniffingbox, debug window, ...), knows the backup policies and has shown in a study in AUG, that he is familiar with these guidelines in small NGx 1 and up to 5 other devices he is also able to implement correctly.

Access to the site.

Test passed - AUG certificate.
CertifiedProfi The technician has previously reached the status of "Certified" already.

In addition, a professional capable of larger systems with any number of NGx and any number of other devices to plan, install and maintain. Even for small systems he has its deeper knowledge, an even more qualified and access and a wider expertise. The professional can also estimate the CPU and the CPU requirements of the individual NGx systems and enhancements such as soft-ISB service, TCN, AMI, CSI, etc. and is able to plan correctly.

24 August Contact

Expanded access to the site (BETA versions, tools).

Test passed - AUG-professional certificate.

The certification is valid for one season, ie from 1.8. to 31.7. of the following year. The second half is name-giving, ie a "professional AUG 2011" is valid from 1.8.2011 to 31.7.2012 in August as a professional. Of course, a technician of the 2010 Certified Professional has been providing in the next season almost imperceptibly worse benefits. Especially in NGx environment is through the innovative and rapid changes and extensions of the continuous training systems recommended and important - especially for professionals!

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