Fiscal Memory FiSp

The FISP - A, the anti-fraud law and Barbewegungsverordnung BMF product development appropriate

The fiscal memory FISP combines simple, quick and simple operation with the minimum requirements required by the Tax Office - 7 years retention requirements, digital delivery of data via export file, and so on - a revolutionary new type of device! Fiscal skills developed in conjunction with leading tax advisors.Due to the electronic delivery of daily solutions Accountants also receive a clearer view of the operation to be discussed and will be well targeted various proposals as bring in the calculation

Of course the regulatory requirements, using a conventional POS system (computer system). This cost, however, at least 3000 EUR and are usually complicated to use and expensive to programming and maintenance.

Besides, they are often "slow" (that's when it, too many keystrokes are needed for an action), too bulky and too cumbersome or simply "overkill" for areas where it is really hot here.

>Operating in forms such as kiosk (Theatercafè, football stadium, ...), wholesale clubs, ice-display cases, taverns, solariums, itinerant vendors, small shops, is often not enough space for a conventional POS system and never enough time to grapple with more complicated technology.

Conventional static cash registers ("700 EUR Checkout by the electric load", etc.) are usually bulky boxes comply, also often the requirement of digital delivery on disk is not, and to alert the user to an estimation of the victims Taxman!

As an adjunct to existing systems, the FISP even have not even legally compliant devices such as e-log dispensing systems, ASCP cash, CSI Coffee machines, barcode scales, counter check, or the above-described structural funds, which require a "high-order system", full to stand-alone systems do. It may vary according to the same number of interfaces multiple devices and / or different type can be connected simultaneously. All FISP can deal with one or more barcode scanners.The integrated soft-ISB, the FISP after "back" all the devices together collects its data "front" and forward that to a POS system and can therefore be used as an ideal, small input terminal for slave cash and ISB.

All devices can be connected as serial interfaces (COMs) and / or via Ethernet (LAN).

Besides the FISP always offer the additional possibility, other items on the touch screen to bonieren. When you can FISP Color A single finger tap already 32 products and with TWO fingers tap bonieren another 96 products. A reversal requires only 2 finger tips - that's it!

As FISP headless (no display) he disappears under the counter and done with of the integrated soft-ISB quiet and reliable its services up to 11 COMs for printers, dispensing equipment, ASCP POS and barcode scanners, any e-protocol devices, counter check, WashTec washes, CSI coffee machines and much more.

Addition to that the FISP contemporary Ports: 2 x USB, 1 x Ethernet, 3 x COM (optional 11 COMs). Please note that sheet!

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FiSp Color von hintenFiSp Color von vorne

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